Preview: Lisa Ling's God and Gays to Feature Alan Chambers, Ex-gay Survivors on June 20

We don’t get this network but I hope to find a way to see this program. It airs Thursday, June 20 at 10pm eastern time. Below is a preview.

Sneak Peak: Lisa Ling’s Special Report – God & Gays

The story of Exodus International, the LGBT men and women who have been affected by the organization and the nationwide dialogue that surrounds this topic continues in an Our America special report.

For almost 40 years, Exodus International claimed to offer a “cure” for homosexuality. Alan Chambers, the leader of Exodus, decided last year to stop endorsing the controversial practice of gay-reparative therapy. And now, he has a new message: an apology.
In a special episode, Lisa Ling is joined by a group of survivors of the condemned and damaging practice of “reparative therapy” as they confront Alan Chambers. Chambers recently asked Ling to help orchestrate an opportunity in which he could formally apologize to those who felt deceived and defrauded by Exodus’ practices and to announce that the organization will cease to be an “ex gay” organization.
Tune in Thursday, June 20th at 10/9c for a special presentation of this powerful report.
To watch clips and read comments from the original “Pray the Gay Away?” episodes, click here.

Ex-Gay Therapist Jerry Mungadze Says He Will Take Michael Bailey's Offer

On Alan Colmes Show tonight, Jerry Mungadze said he would take Michael Bailey’s offer to submit patients for testing in Bailey’s lab.
Mungadze struck a defiant tone when challenged on his data and said he would allow Bailey to examine his brain work. Mungadze asks patients to color a map of their brain and then Mungadze interprets the colors. He claims to be able to tell if someone is gay by these maps.
We’ll be watching doctor.
On the show, Mungadze said homosexual attraction stems from distant same-sex parent relations, overprotective opposite parent relationships and/or sexual abuse.
I’ll post the audio as soon as it is available. The segment of interest is in the third hour of the program.

Wayne Besen and Jerry Mungadze Will Be on Alan Colmes Tonight

Get some popcorn and gather round the radio kids because this promises to be a rip roaring good time.  Bring some crayons too.
Alan Colmes is hosting Wayne Besen and Jerry Mungadze on his show tonight which begins at 7pm.  Wayne has more details on his site (apparently this segment will air at 8pm).
Mungadze is the Texas therapist who uses crayons to map the brain and says his ex-gay clients demonstrate their change via brain changes. On this blog, Michael Bailey challenged Mungadze to send his patients to Bailey’s lab and Besen has offered Mungadze $10k to rewire his brain.
UPDATE: Mungadze said on Alan Colmes that he doesn’t believe in conversion therapy. That might be a surprise to The Joni Show folks. He also said he uses brain wave assessment to determine sexual orientation. This is in contrast to what he said on David Foster’s show Pure Passion. There was no mention of any kind of brain wave assessment on the Pure Passion show.

David Barton: No to Starbucks, Yes to Amazon

Update: Now (11/19/13) Barton says drinking Starbucks is treason to God.
I grew up occasionally attending a church where one might hear the following: “We don’t go to movies even if they are G rated because even those movies support Hollywood.” While I didn’t buy that kind of thinking, I knew a lot of people who did.  The impulse to retreat to the monastery is strong in some Christians and often is voiced by boycotts of various entertainments and products. Recently, our old friend David Barton has gotten himself into one of these controversies by telling the Whitesburg Baptist Church that Christians shouldn’t drink Starbucks coffee since the company supports gay marriage.
Lots of people seem upset or amused about it. To me, it just sounds like a silly fuss about which conservative Christians debate.
Barton’s case, he wants Christians to avoid Starbucks, but he is apparently fine with selling his books on Amazon, like Starbucks is gay friendly and committed to support for gay causes. And Amazon’s founder and leader, Jeff Bezos, has made a pretty hefty financial commitment to gay marriage. By Barton’s logic, I guess he is contributing to gay marriage every time The Jefferson Lies or Original Intent sells on Amazon.

Therapist Describes Colorful Method to Determine Changes in Gay Brains

Brain scans? We don’t need no stinking brain scans!
At least Jerry Mungadze doesn’t. Crayons and markers on a map of the brain tells him all he needs to know about personality and sexuality.
Last week, I posted about Mungadze’s appearance on the Joni Show telling Joni, Joe Dallas and David Kyle Foster that the brains of his patients go straight as the result of his approach. I wondered at the time how he could support that claim with brain assessment. It turns out that he fully filled in the audience of Foster’s Pure Passion on his methods. Hint: He doesn’t demonstrate how to read MRI results. The full version can be viewed on You Tube here and here. For a brief excerpt of part two, see below:

Note that patients color in a map of the brain and Mungadze reads the map like a projective test. Apparently, pink relates to femininity, red to anger/aggression, and so on. He says he can tell gay people apart from straights; and when they revert to heterosexuality, he can tell by how they color between the lines.
Who needs brain scans when you have crayons?
Mungadze’s is best known for his work in trauma and dissociative identity disorder (DID). His most famous patient is football star Herschel Walker, who wrote a book citing Mungadze’s help to overcome DID. Mungadze wrote the forward.
As for the theory of the brain revealing itself via colors chosen by patients, I know of nothing to support it. Projective tests in general are not reliable and this one in particular looks like a method invented by Mungadze without reference to research or validation.
The offer from Michael Bailey to send patients for real brain scans still stands. They can even bring crayons.